I would add some orange to this look to pop. Lol at give your ex a run for his money! 🙂 #Kikazi

No matter how unfortunate you think you are if you have Love – You have Everything


Fridays are for letting loose. Whydontcha?!!Why am I even writing this?…hahahaha letting loose is something I can barely do. But I tried with this one.

From pointy heels, over sized jackets to button down blouses, distressed denim is still rocking the fashion scene in so many forms. Although preferred in the loose format in 2016, I still love me some skinny ones.


Paired with everything from graphic tees to chunky necklaces, this outfit is surprisingly easier to mix into your wardrobe for a clean and funky look. Here are some tips on how to rock this throw back trend.



Experiment with a variety of colours such as such as red, blue, black, green and white. Just make sure they are solid-colored. For now, let’s say you can opt for red since valentines…

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