Great Expectations

“You are an intern? Really? How is that even possible? You were best student through school?”

Have you heard of a quote from Margaret Mitchell that says “Life is under no obligation to give us what we expect.”

Well Margaret had her in mind when she said that.

She graduated on top of her class. Wagullu! She was the name that rhymed with ‘good student” for all her teachers. She always had the answers the teachers asked for. One was almost convinced some were lies. Just that she had gained their favour.

She tucked in. She ironed her uniform. Her socks were white despite the dust that rose every morning as we rushed for assembly and settled on our desks.

You see, she stood for prefect and was always unopposed because the teachers found it wise to disqualify the candidate who even dared to anticipate standing against her.

She was by all means every mother’s dream daughter. Yes! Mothers also have  “dream daughters” who are usually not their own daughters. Speak of watering your grass to make it greener.

Anyway this girl sailed from one class to another on Aladdin magic carpet. carpet

She left the one school she had automatically been in from her S-1 – S-6 with flying colours as people like to call them (One of the most misplaced imageries I must say)

During her vacation, she did everything right. I still don’t know what she did as there is no story to show for it. Yes! She is that kind of girl.

University, she lived by the book. She dotted her ‘I’s and crossed her ‘t’s every time. And by every time I mean that I can assemble her class to second me.

You see, this girl did not know better. She dreamt of her next life and saw herself behind a desk. She saw herself calling the shots at the end of a table full of people longing to hear her clarify the way forward for them.carpet2

When she watched the video of “Miss Independence” it was her playing Gabrielle Union.

In her mind she had done it all right.

In fact at her graduation party when her Dad held her accolade high and showed it off to the guests boosting about her first class. She smiled and said “What else was there for me to get?”

She had done it. Her dad pledged to fund her masters as soon as she was ready. And we clapped.

Yesterday you and I met her, two years later. We asked her how she was doing.

She answered “ I am fine” That’s the exact answer she was taught in school as the answer to the question “How are you?”

She thought we did not see the pain. We ignored it and went on with the same questions we indifferently ask everyone else.

“What are you up to?”

“Oh. I am well. I am an intern at…” we did not let her finish.

“You are an intern? Really? How is that even possible? You were best student throughout school?”


Now I would really want to go with this story but I have very mixed emotions about where it should go… How about we finish it together.


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