Valley of bones – Ezekiel’s story

“Yes! I don’t know the story of Ezekiel. Is it even in the Bible?”

I heard myself question myself this a few months ago.

If you went for Sunday school in places where the teacher spoke English you probably know many stories from the Bible. But if like me, they spoke a language that when translated, names change… You are still learning stories from the Bible.

You probably looked for Luth and Ruke for sometime before you found them.

Anyway some weeks ago I was listening to “Spirit Wind” by Casting Crowns. And it had a story that shocked me. Now the reason I like Casting Crowns is because they have stories in their music. So this song made me smile and imagine things. I was very amused by my imagination. bones2

I had to share with my friend Sharon about it. She quickly told me it was a story in the Bible. And I was shocked more like amazed by my ignorance.

Now I would opt to read the Bible than to do anything else. That is my deepest desire.

But it does not mean that I read it all the time. (Honest look)

I had never had of the Ezekiel’s story.

So it took me sometime to believe that Sharon was not sending me on “a Chase your tail” kind of run.

I did not check the Bible. About 3 weeks ago I decided to look for the book of Ezekiel in my Bible. (I know what you are thinking and you are right, in my Sunday school classes we did not create songs around the books of the Bible)

I found it. I looked for the story closest to bones. bonesAnd I found it. Ezekiel 37.

I read the story. Word by word. Carefully. Switched on the photographic side of my brain. I saw it all coming alive.


If you have not read this story, you are missing out on one of the most amazing stories you shall ever know.

In fact read it now.

I will summarize it for you because I need to tell you what I learnt from it.

Ezekiel had a vision where God showed him a valley of scattered bones. They had been eaten by vultures and all those other animals you see on Toyota Wildlife. They were lifeless. God sent a wind that moved down the valley and these bones begun to come together forming bodies oh maybe skeletons at this point. (I know, right?)Then tendons and muscles. Flesh. Begun to form. And then still they were lifeless.bones3

God breathed in them. And they started to move. (I saw you imagine a sound track)

The Cherry; these bones/humans now became an Army!

What this means to me;

  1. Do I even know how much God is capable of doing for/of/ with/ in me?
  2. Do I even know which stage of this transformation I am in?

While am writing this my parents are sited in the same room with me paying attention to each other. So why not ask them what this story means to them.

Here is what my Dad says with a smile

” Well I learnt that you can lie down as a sleeping giant but when God breathes His Spirit in you. You become great in the Army”

Mum shares with no hesitation and joy rumbling straight from her heart,

“Nyowe, I see that it is true that we are made in the image of God. What God can do, we can do… We co-designers.”

Here, Dad interrupts to say that God wants to interact with us as he revealed through this vision. Mum nods on and they take me into a free preaching session.

Read it. Ezekiel 37 and share what you learn.

I did mention it was a Vision, didn’t I?


6 thoughts on “Valley of bones – Ezekiel’s story

  1. This #UGBloggers7Days is the best thing to have happened this year. See what you’ve written here?! I am stepping out with my Bible for a minute to finish laughing over “Ruke” before I get into that story. As for your parents paying attention to each other, you should praise God all the time!

    1. Thank You Simon. I am hoping to finish the challenge and possibly it will serve as a jump start…
      Am really glad you enjoyed reading this blog. Yes. I praise God for the parents bit. Very refreshing in a time like this when the “bad is very acceptable”…
      Examples like you are much needed too.

  2. Great story (both yours, and that of Ezekiel). I had read it many times, sung songs about it (Days of Elijah, you know, “These are the days of Ezekiel, the dry bones becoming as flesh…”) and tried to understand what it all meant. It finally hit me through a song – Awake my Soul, by Chris Tomlin and Lecrae. I can’t stand rap but the way Lecrae rapped about those bones – breathing, and the way Tomlin sang of God resurrecting those bones, made the story came to life.

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