Graduation Speech I should have given.

I am awake at 3 am. Eyes still stuck together both by the idea that its very late in the night and very early the morning. 

My heart has refused to rest . My dear Friend, Annie had asked me to speak at her graduation on behalf of her friends.

In the beginning I had taken it up as an opportunity to says few nice things about her. You know! Same old speech at every other Graduation. But then with the pause she put between the Graduation day (1 November 2013) and her Graduation party (5th December 2014) I had taken alot of time to compose myself. When the Mc announced that I was to speak next. A blanket of silence swept over me. I said the normal things. I maintain that all I said was the truth.


These are the words I should have said.

I should have asked everyone; friends present to stand up and look at one another.

Annie, Its us against the world. We have gone to school been taught about it, lessons ranging from gravity to history to down warping and up warping to languages to motion and not forgetting all the Maths.

We have learnt it all. 
We should appreciate it.
But I maintain its us against the world. In school they didn’t teach us about the things that can defy forces of gravity and motion. Things that can change a whole path of History. Things that can and will change the future of the world.

Things like Friendship , Forgiveness , Fortitude , Integrity, Kindness , Strength  among others.

I therefore want urge us as Friends, that is us against the world.    
Never should we let the world stir us into joining it to bring Pain in the guise of short lived amusement through gossiping against one another, hate, Greed, mischievous actions that cook up in all our minds in order to get self worth and public acceptance. 

All these things that seem to bring joy. Statements like “all I care about is my happiness” should be fought against right from their time of conception in our minds. Because who said that your happiness is all you need? You are not alone on this Planet. (rising eyebrow)  So shove it all up and lets hold hands.

Its us against the world.

Let us always be there for one another. In utmost truth and brutal honesty.

Let us love one another. 1 Corinthians 13 is not only geared towards Eros love. Therefore that is the love am calling us to have for one another. Pure and Noble Love.

Never should we be fooled into thinking we are of this world and turn it (the world) against each other.

We all know how that has turned up.

With these words and more that we shall share as we plot against the world through Hard work, further studies , Fellowship virtues and Parenting among others.

I want to caution all of us that each and everyone of you is special. Now one can only imagine what special results we can do if we dig deep into ourselves and help one another reach our maximum potential.

Most important to note is that God is for us.

And its us against the world.

These are the words I should have said.


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