Do we out grow Friends?

Do we grow up and they stay young. Does the change in interests alter us? Do we hate them? Why do prefer to keep the memories and not the people?

Looking back through my childhood friends, I drill my head about what went wrong. We were inseparable; our lives undoubtedly depended on each other as they always evolved around one another. Today, we cannot hold a conversation. After a formal greeting we start to smile at each other and say things like “long time”, “whats new?” “How have you been?” We seem to be strangers when we meet. A face that I used to see every day then becomes a mystery for me to unfold.Image

Timothy said “I surely outgrew them, they don’t interest me after some time.” my heart skipped a beat as I then asked him what changed “did u grow and they stayed young?”

So were we tied by strings that have been cut?

Can we compare friendship to music? Does it have a certain time on your billboard? Just like we change interests in music genres, do we change interests in friends?

Lyz, a mass communication student thinks aloud to me, “Am going to throw him out, we never talk anymore, he claims he is too busy.” Are all the good memories with the person going to be flushed out too? I shake my head as this thought jumps into my mind.

People get busy. If someone is your friend then why not create the missing link? It would not hurt to call them up or even attempt to visit them.

Series like Friends, Cashmere Mafia, One Tree Hill and Dawson’s Creek show us what friends can be and could be. The friends here have theme nights, “branches”, birthdays and many events that bridge the gaps in each other’s lives.

This even gets me thinking, why do we watch these films if we cannot emulate their core values?

Unlike most relationship, with friendships we have a lot of effort to put in. most cases these efforts are not tiring for example checking to see if their hobbies have changed, surprise visits, following up on an old conversations.

It does not hurt to keep an old coat; you know perfectly which outfits it saved.

Many times we put our lives on hold just to understand new friends. If we all kept old friends or childhood friends, how smooth and calm would our lives be?

Jennifer, Law student and old friend of mine once told that our A’ level / senior high school friends are our true friends. This made a lot of sense then but here I am now and somehow those friends are in thin air now.Image

Today my heart cringes at the thought of some of my old friends, whoever holds the answers out there, do we outgrow friends?

“The most beautiful discovery true friends make is that they can grow separately without growing apart.”  ~Elisabeth Foley


4 thoughts on “Do we out grow Friends?

  1. Well I guess as time goes by, we change, our friends change too and we sometimes we fail to make a two way effort to communicate over time. A time comes when there isn’t anything you can talk about- living pararell lives.

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